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Very big day for me today. This is now in the garage. Really special car. Looks very low and compact. Didn't take up the garage space I was expecting. It has massive presence with those win

Mine has been delivered yesterday   

Guilty m'lud! Motorsport Green. Carbon race seats, sound deadening, air con, no stereo, black diamond cut wheels with black wingstays. Impossible to believe but it should be sitting in

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Ohlins are amazing I have the track and road settings for you both when you’re ready.

Nice to see some appreciation of what Lotus did with the GT430, the US GT is the highest spec Evora available anywhere currently but still a fair bit to do to get it to GT430 spec.


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1 hour ago, KG said:

Not for the fair of heart & pocket. All in for OEM parts + $40K to base price! But I can’t wait to get it done and it’s never been about the money! It’s the car! It’s the Lotus Evora GT! 

Front bumper paint, air ducts and installation scheduled for Oct 5th, Ohlins installed end of October, wing as soon as DeRoure receives it from factory eta 6 weeks!

@The Pits send Ohlin settings at your convenience for the track and road specs! I can dream they are on now!

On to jhooks at first caliper service and TT exhaust before Christmas as a gift to the Evora GT! 

Pics all around when I get through each stage to share the fun and road!

@KG I think your estimate of $40k + base price is a low😂   It's Ok though. I've already told my kids that they can't go to college now. Sorry kids. Daddy has a Lotus!!

@The Pits I'm always open to driver input on product setting. So feel free to send over what you have for comparison.  I work with Ohlins here in the US and have partnered with Mick Gardner Racing to ensure that the US customer is well taken care of on this side of the pond.   

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No better people than MGR when it comes to Ohlins on the Evora, they were involved in the development of the damper from day one.

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8 hours ago, The Pits said:

No better people than MGR when it comes to Ohlins on the Evora, they were involved in the development of the damper from day one.

They have been a pleasure to work with MGR. It's great to work with people that I become friends with.  Hanging at SEMA with them this year.  

Jonny, Which car cover color would best match my Evora Daytona Blue. I need one with room for the rear wing👍

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On 13/09/2019 at 12:02, ken2020 said:

They have been a pleasure to work with MGR. It's great to work with people that I become friends with.  Hanging at SEMA with them this year.  

Jonny, Which car cover color would best match my Evora Daytona Blue. I need one with room for the rear wing👍

You need to get the TLF cover through Bibs, I've had one for each Evora now, excellent quality, customizable coloring and piping and price is very reasonable.

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On 14/09/2019 at 08:05, KG said:

Anyone know where to purchase the OEM GT 430 battery?

Lotus provided the Lithium battery as standard the US 410 Sport, I did prior research on it for a few US dealers trying to replicate it.

1)    BatterySuper B, model # SB12V25P-SC, 9.8” x 5.6” x 3.8”, weight 4.2 kg

2)    O/U Voltage Protector – Super B, model # BDB-250, weight 370 g … I would use with any Li battery setup

3)    Charger - Optimate Lithium LFP 4s 5amp, model # TM291 … excellent charger/conditioner

4)    Lotus Bracket (Battery Clamp) – Section 17.32 item #10, A132M0578F  

5)    Lotus Lithium harness kit, (4 cables) – item #5, A132M0583F

6)     misc nuts and bolts per diagram 17.32

Now the tough part the battery alone costs about $1300 retail in US with a list price of $1700, (google the model, also Demon Tweets in UK, but shipping overseas may be expensive due to danger),  while this thing is great and may last a long time especially with the voltage protector, I consider a battery a consumable maintenance item so have trouble with that pricing.  On my race cars I use small Deltran Li units that cost about $200 each.

As to the Voltage protector it shuts down if high or low voltage is detected and thus saves battery from draining and thus frying.  Has a push button and programable auto reset.

LED flash Alert & shutdown: if voltage drops below 10.0V or above 15.0V and shuts down circuit if outside limits for 90 sec

Immediate shutdown if voltage drops below 8.0V or above 15.4V 

Auto resets circuit (if programed) if voltage returns to between 11.0 & 14.0V range 

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On 12/09/2019 at 08:28, KG said:

Thank you @The Pits

will get this car to GT 430 spec, work in flight, front bumper, new CF rear hatch and CF wing, GT 4 vents and CF GT4 air dam on roof, Ohlins just purchased thanks to @ken2020 ! Debating on jhooks and likely will wait till current ones require service and of course titanium exhaust! 

With parts already here and coming it’s going to be a 3 month upgrade project!

Will send pics at different stages!



Best source for GT4 side vents is HethelSport or HKFever, while these are copies they are in pure cf, best attachment is to use Sugru a flexible rubber-epoxy compound.

Roof airdam is actually a cabin vent, I don’t see the need for in US HPDE events as we are required to run with open windows and as on street driving it will leak;  however if desired, TRS make these for about $400 USD.  Check out Merlin Motorsport in the UK ‘TRS Roof Vent Carbon Fibre’.  Now if you want the exact Motorsport part, contact Allen Strommer at VSA Motorsport (Las Vegas) .. he ran the most successful Evora GTN and GTS’s in the USA Lotus Cup and was the US distributor of Lotus Motorsport parts.

May not be a bad time to install J-hooks while changing dampers, the discs and calipers need removing for damper install.

What about the GT4 barge boards?  While the official parts are made of plywood [ in wheel to wheel racing plywood creates less track mess than cf, however they also consider then a consumable; for a road car the plywood would not hold up to use and rain .. a number of folks offer fiberglass or cf parts, VSA Motorsport offers a beautiful piece in cf.

The final pieces to top of the GT to GT430 conversion will be the remove the side quarter panel windows and replace with the cf pieces used on the US Sport 410 and GT430:  A132U4881F and A132U4882F along with replacing the double pane firewall glass with either the single pane Sport 410 piece: A132U1295F, or the still lighter euro GT430 plexiglass: A710U0027F [this would violate US safety laws against fire resistance] 

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  • Gold FFM


a big thank you for sharing your knowledge and help!

i made a decision to purchase all OEM parts to keep the car original spec from DeRoure who are absolutely great to work with. Gary at their shop is the ultimate Lotus parts manager.

I have all the Lotus OEM Lotus parts above and ordered the jhooks today, the pieces I have not added yet include the Lithium Ion battery, the barge boards, side quarter panel windows and the double pane firewall glass.

Jhooks, CF front bumper, CF air dam, CF bumper air ducts & screens, undertray, new GT 430 CF rear louvre with holes for wing, (selling the OEM Lotus CF louvre without holes and front bumper of US GT if anyone is interested) CF GT 430 wing, Ohlins from MGR/SBS suspension, GPR cat pipe, Ti Exhaust are here or coming within 3-4 weeks!

@ken2020 #SBS Suspension will help on the Ohlins install at his shop and perhaps a few other pieces on Oct 25th, painting front bumper Nov 4th. Will post pics with updates along the transformation.

still considering a white stripe for the GT4 look or gold F1 stripes(??)

Posted a few pics on Instagram! Christmas shopping early!

appreciate your input.






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If you want to replicate the 2011/2012 era gold striping, search GP Edition parts list for the stencil kits; those stripes were hand painted with the clear coat applied over top.

GP Edition Stripes.docx

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Just goes to show how good some Lotus dealers are 👍

Alcohol. Sex. Tobacco. Drugs. Chocolate.  Meh! NOTHING in this world is as addictive as an Evora +0. It's not for babies!    

The first guy to ride a bull for fun, was a true hero. The second man to follow him was truly nuts!   

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