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Just bought my first convertible...

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Picked this up yesterday as stable mate for my Evora GTE. Yes, it's the family Ferrari. For those who aren't familiar, it's a 1991 Mondial T convertible, which was the last of the line

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Congrats, looks fun.  Only 5 months till you can start using it properly.  I’d be tempted to upgrade those wheels, they can look great with some fat split rims (and keeping the originals of course).

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Very nice, grown to appreciate these hugely over the years, not many true family exotica about.

At the very least it needs 348 wheels;



Saw one with Testarossa wheels on as well once, looked really good but can't find the pics.



In the garage no-one can hear you scream 

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Sorry guys. I certainly won't be changing the wheels. In fact I'm keeping it totally standard. I've never liked the wrong wheels on Ferraris. A lot of 1980s Ferraris have had their wheels changed, just because the owners were too tight to pay Michelin's high prices for the OEM metric TRX tyres. The same goes for several 1980s BMWs and sporty Renaults. That's very short-sighted in my opinion: considering the meagre mileage these cars cover nowadays, the cost of tyres is really not a big issue. Fortunately that doesn't apply to my Mondial T, which has regular 16" wheels.

One thing the specialist Ferrari dealer really emphasised: modifying a Ferrari renders it practically unsaleable and that includes the latest cars.

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