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Not for the faint of heart! - Now "Exige Cup 430"


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@Cristiano Pretty much I'll do the same.... Enjoy and drive the car, since I believe it is mighty fun and performant anyway..... and let's wait for the 460 Cup or the 1st 2nd hand Cup 430.... I saw the 2nd hand 380 Cup.... my guess is that it's gonna be difficult to sell one in November with the 1st snow, but 100k is a good price if the guy is in a hurry he might get some interest.... but it's a niche market

@Jokke Vlo It's always better to invest in the driving skills than in the car.... that's for sure... once you run out of additional skills, consider upgrading the car :):):)


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Welcome to Switzerland.....

Buemi at the wheels of a F1 over the Gothard pass...... that's what the Alps have been for.....

@cib24 yes I should be able to find one...I've a friend who's a "retired" slalom swiss champion and is all into japanase nissan, mitsu, sub, etc. etc. I'm sure he knows.... and he lives 35 kms from me...not outside on a remote island :):):)


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No, no LSD. 

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2 minutes ago, Cristiano said:

No LSD, that's what the guy in the Italian video says.

I don't like the silver wheels. I saw a 380 cup with those  (live also) and they were ugly. Looks like a cheap part on an expensive car.


Whereas I cannot stand the look of black wheels. Hey-ho.

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Of course matter of taste.. but on a track day car, black wheels is the way to go, with all the dust, rubber, etc.. I agree that the design of the wheels is very minimalistic and could be easily improved in both versions.

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10 hours ago, scotty435 said:

The next thing we will have someone saying the front splitter is to low and they seen it being scrapped in the factory, sorry that was mentioned in a other room.

Car looks too high for me... needs lowering and needs the Cup R splitter ;)

No one can complain about splitters being too low unless they're finding them scrap braking hard from 145mph lol

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