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paint protection film

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has anyone any experience of having paint protection film put on the front of their car.  Is it worth the cost, does it do any long term damage etc.



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Hi Andy, welcom to the forums. Pop over to introductions and say hi and tell us about your car!

With regards to paint protection, personally I've used Armourfend and more recently XPEL, the latter costs multiples but it is well worth it in my experience. We've now started applying before driving the car. There is a lot of discussion on XPEL on this forum:

Here are a bunch of pictures of my last Lotus to have the XPEL when we collected it:

This was not done from new unfortunately. If I had my time over...


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I tried it for the first time on my 2013 Exige and have decided to do it again. I was a bit cynical when the price exceeds that of a front end respray as the car did pick up some chips in the 17k miles I drove it. I had hoped it would be entirely chip free but I don't think that's how it works. My view on XPEL is that it's very clear with great finish but quite thin (partly why it has a good finish). Ignore all the BS about 'self healing' once the film is breached or torn it doesn't heal, that's just tiny surface scratches. Aesthetically it's the best but some of the other stuff might offer better protection.

I still think it's a valid route to save the money and do a respray in a few years time but some colours are harder to match than others, that's what really put me off. There's a lot of fashion about PPF, much like detailing and all the other obligatory stuff. Sadly PPF appears not to add to a car's value whatsoever. When some are paying nearly £4k for a full PPF job I think it should but it doesn't in my experience.

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