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Lotus Esprit Turbo 1985 JPS colours

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For sale : Lotus Esprit Turbo (JPS colours)


This is a 1985 lotus esprit Turbo in the right JPS colours,

The rims are changed to Essex esprit rims, (VERY RARE!) and nowhere to find!


(Essex edition was the same car James bond drove with in the movie: for your eyes only)


this real men sportscar is a good investment


The car has just been serviced:


– New carpets all around inside the cabin (big job)

– all New Leather inside (big job)

– spark plugs

– rotor arm

– handbrake cable

– disributor cap

– wiper blade

– battery

– front window trim set

– waste trim around the car

– new tail gate seal

– door seals

– new indicator repeater

– carbs overhauled (and ballanced)

– carbs cleaning

– replace all gaiter driveshaft clips

– ignition time set

–  new stickers on body (also decals)

– new paint job (complete car)

– Rebuilt the starter solenoid


Car comes with owners manual that goes back to 1985. (when the car was sold)


The Old MOT. Papers goes back to 1996.

also many bills from service in the years,


Car drives, brakes, and turns very good, just as it should be its a 1985 model so with the better front steering rack, and the much better brakes at the front,


The glassroof can be getting out,

the wheels are complete refurbished (see pictures) and they are also coming with the rare Goodyear NCT tyres,


car has driven around 106.000 miles and he wants to be driven,

bad point, Louvers must be getting reprayd, they are not so nice anymore,

and the water pump slightly leaks


if you have questions about the car, feel free to ask just send me a e-mail. Or call me,


a turbo esprit as this one, you only find one time!

and prices are rishing very hard! for these cars…


car can sold cheaper then the car stands on orginal BBS wheels



price: 27.500 euro  \\ 24,500 GBP.

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Still got a water leak and needs paint to the louvres

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still for sale,


louvers gets respray, and the waterpump will be a new one,

and also to make everything sure, the cylinderhead gets a complete rebuild,

and the engine gets a new Cambelt,


i have pictures from everything, so if there are people interested into this car,

they can get the pictures,


price will be (afther all work is been done) a little bit higher ofcourse....

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