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Magnecor KV85 - worth it?

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Stuck some socks on the trumpets last night (not a fan of open trumpets on a road car) and I brushed my arm past the middle of coil lead and got quite a decent tingle (car was running as I wanted to see if the socks affected idle) so thinking of sticking some Magnecors on.

KV85s don't seem much more expensive but are they worth the hype?

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Scott - hope that helps.

I absolutely love your car - @charlie croker has done a stunning job there - I'm guessing he must be feeling pretty gutted at having to part with the Panther - I know I would be.

Really hope you enjoy her. If you're ever coming towards Hethel, let us know as there are a lot of Elite/Éclat owners within 1/2-3/4 hour.



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Ah...OK not magnecor then!

Defo need leads - went for first drive and missing massively under load plus occsional backfire so guessing unspent fuel. May do cap, rotor arm leads and plugs to eliminate

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