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Gearbox removal advice

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For future reference, cable tie the fork forwards around the bellhousing mating face.  That stops the bearing rattling about during insertion.

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Thanks, I was wondering about some kind of retaining setup to hold it in place temporarily, but it seems to have worked.

I notice on lots of other cars they actually have a retaining clip for the release bearing.

Just need to bolt everything back together now! The top 3 bolts are meant to be M10x45.. I haven't got any of these as I forgot to order them, and when I went through my pile of old bolts from when I took it off, there weren't and M10x45 in that lot so whatever it was fitted with previously wasn't right.

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I actually have '000' on both sides of the sump where the stamps are, so no. Unless something has changed, but it doesn't look like it. I wouldn't be able to get anything in there anyway, so it looks like I don't.

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That question has me confused. I cannot think of a chrome tube, and the clutch release bearing does not go in a tube, it's as per the photo a page ago, where it simply sits on the fork.

It does slide over the primary shaft tube, but it's not a tight fit. 

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one question 
Do you know the inner diameter of an esprit 1990 se clutch bearing?
We Ve got a problem whith a gearbox ,the bearing don t want to enter in the chrome tube .
Thanks you .

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As you can see yes

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