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Exterior trim on rear quarters

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I wonder if anyone can help me, the exterior metal trim clips on the rear quarters on an Elite. I have fitted new clips but cannot seem to get the trim to go under the clips. The manual says lightly hammer the finisher under the clips but no joy and don't really want to hammer too hard.

Should these metal clips be loose maybe?





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Hi Simon,

I believe the clips are specific to the Elite, so I'm wondering if the new clips you purchased are the correct clips?

RD Enterprises has a picture of some trim clips. Perhaps the clips are different?

Esprit/Elite/Eclat > 3rd Gen. Parts

See "Door Glass Weatherstrip"

I'm just taking a shot in the dark, but I thought I'd toss the idea out there.

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Si sports cars sell these. They are rivited in place with aluminium rivits. I refitted mine with no problem although they are a bit of a knack and getting them off is a heart stopping moment The clip on the b post has to be reduced by cutting just under half of it off in order to get the trim in line with the door trim.

To fit them you have to tilt the trim toward you to get the lip under the clip and then gently push them home.

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Hi Mike

Thanks for the info this really helps, I bought new clips from SJ.

When you say reduce the clip on the b post could you clarify. I cut the back end off and re drill the hole so it's closer to the post?

Cheers for your help.




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Simon, This picture doesn't show the clip on the B-post (underneath the vent trim) but is the best I can do. I marked a red line on image just to show that on the clip underneath the vent trim I filed the clip down with an angle grinder. I didn't need to redrill the hole but it did need to go closer to the body. this makes the clip work slightly differently and I had to prize the front of it over the trim edge with a screw driver before I could tap it home though

BTW I had my windows out whilst fixing these. Are your windows in? 

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