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gearbox vanished

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I started the elite up today after sorting a few electrical connections,  crankcase breather and fitting an aux input to the stereo,  to find that I had no gears. There were 5 forward and one reverse last time I tried.

The clutch pedal feels nice,  but the gear lever won't move fully into any position, although attempting to select  reverse causes a nasty zzzzz gear on gear noise.

Now I was rummaging behind the stereo, and pulling various trim panels off to route new and remove old cables,  but otherwise it seemed OK last time I used it - maybe a little vague.

Attached is a picture of the clutch arm/cable,  nice and tight.

Your help is appreciated.


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Aha I went to select the gears with the engine off and found they were there,  so I stuck it in gear, depressed the clutch and turned the starter.

After a quick lunge the gearbox is back.

Clutch plates sticking due to damp and lack of use?

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Jack the back of the car up. make sure its secure. Put the car in 2nd gear and start the engine. With the clutch depressed, yank the handbrake. You might need to to it quite a few times. If that doesn't work, try the footbrake.

You should manage to brake it free eventually.

Edit - re-reading suggests that the starter and car in gear broke the clutch free of the flywheel? Left the original text up in case anyone else has a stuck clutch.

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suave. if it's only the one gear that you are unable to get it will be a different issue. These cars have a common fault of the clutch sticking after being idle for a period of time, but that affects engaging any gear, not just one.

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