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Wiper arm modification

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Well done,


have done this mod to my esprit years ago, also with the 107 arm works great..

i think i got the idea on this forum somewhere many years ago, and copied it.

great minds think alike, (not me but you and  the guy who i copied...!)

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You don't need to modify the wiper arm to fit modern flat blades. Some of them are available with a hole to fit a pin. I've been doing so for many years, started with a modified wiper for a Range Rover Sport as proof of concept. Then changed to a PIAA 24" wiper that came with all the necessary adapters. 


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I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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I think what me and Glyn are after is a bit more. The problem with that pin is the darn wiper likes to cock around many times a second as it slides across the windscreen. The HOOK. which is I think the most popular provides a more stable grip as well as the comfort of knowing the pin isnt just going to fall out. I see your ZIP TIE there. I like it! :D

I got some audi wipers but I dont have time to fiddle. But if I get some time I will. The audison (Audio processor.) just came in. I finished the carbonfiber dash till I get my led sockets and it still wont be done till summer. I had a bad crazing issue but thats another thread. Also I believe I have to make some stainless hinges. Still have not gotten off my A** and got steel but thats money and another thread.  Actually today I cleaned my room a bit after work. If anyone noticed my photos of my projects arent in the garage :D.

Wifes gonna murder me. :D:) :| :(:o:sofa:


Either way Yeah anyone wanna chime in. The arm looks great btw. I may do that if nothing else.

I just realized that that is a hook setup... ( FACEPLAM!)


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Im retarded...
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I should also add that pin style wipers are rare as gold in my section of the world... Everyone just replaces the gums..... Yeah... My wiper is held together with hopes and dreams as I needed a gum for that day for inspection.... then it rained and I realized it wasnt falling apart.... Been on there too long... Its almost time to change that gum and lets just say it cant be done twice.

Sorry I am a bit tired I wanted to add: Thank you Cor.

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This winter I made  some  mod for  my Esprit Wiper arm  used  Toyota aygo -citroen1- peugeot107 as some parts. 

Her is the my instruction:

1.   Used C1 wiper and 2 * 5x20mm  and 4 * 5x8mm bolts, 2 * 6mm spacer  and  8mm 5M ball stud bolt

2.   Drilled and puched out 6 nitter from C1   (2 nitter has 6  mm) and later  tap 5 M  secondary  arm and  5M tap the  holes

3.  Made a copy  the mounting plate and (drill 5M hole to fit the ball stud bolt)

4.  Made 2 spacer 6mm x 16mm,  so 5mm bolts fit within  6 mm holes (where  the  wiper blades mounting arm )

5.  Cut the main/secondary  arm  to match  the length (my case around 47cm ) and make 4M  holes each arms  and 5M tap

Need fil down  ball stud bolt to fit the secondary arm 

I hope it will help 








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See the first picture , When you removed nitte you can see  the  mounting arm has  front 6 mm and back side has 4mm holes, so I used 5mm bolts plus spacer to fit  ( see first /second picture with nitte)

DO not drill to big hole when you removed the nitte  ! 

hope  it will help


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Remarks:  I also used/made  some mounting plate fo find the right  posion for The Ball stud bolt.

cut the arms set by step  to right position . I used 600mm wiperblads ( I'm not sure org. Size)

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