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Paper filter vs K&N

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So it's winter service time, and while I'm sticking with the standard airbox, I'm wondering about the filter that should go in there. My two main options are:

Just wondering if there's any particular reason I'd want to go for the K&N filters over the standard paper filter. I know the K&Ns can be cleaned, but I'd need to go through 5 of the paper filters to reach the cost of one K&N. If I was wanting to get much better performance out of the car I'd go for the K&N, but I'm not going to be racing the car any time soon! the only other thing I've heard is that the K&N filter in the airbox can make the engine sound a little more beefy.

Any other reasons I'd want to consider the K&N element, or should I just save money and get the standard paper filter?

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When you have cleaned a K&N one you need to lightly spray it with oil, so that is another extra cost.  Personally I would stick with the paper one.

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I have K & N on all my rigs.They simply are a superior filter trapping more dirt than paper. Way better protection and are a life time filter with a million mile guarantee. Plus you will never have to throw it away making it a "green" filter.

And the best part is that it will give you more performance in power and less wear in your engine and better fuel mileage because they flow more air, less restriction.  Really, why would anyone not use it for these reasons. It you drive a lot it will easily pay for itself in fuel savings alone. 

I will never buy another paper filter for my cars.

Just my take and I have been using them for many years. 



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I had and have K&N on most of my cars, and was always happy with them.

BUT: power or other advantages are too small to notice, if any at all. Intake is noisier, especially on the Esprit with the turbo coming through nicely, but that could be considered a disadvantage as well. Only when offroading did I see a clear advantage, as the K&N is much less affected by dirt and wont collapse when wet.

If you keep your car long enough, there wont be much difference price-wise. But cleaning a K&N is a lot more hassle than changing a standard filter! Cleaning and oiling isn't that environmentally friendly either...

So it's really personal preference.


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