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De-greasing and cleaning products and methods

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So with the engine and gearbox out and all suspension stripped off, I can now remove the rest of the hoses etc and place the loom out of the way so that I can give the chassis and engine bay a good clean and paint.

The car is immobile in my garage so de-greasing and jet washing is out of the question. I was therefore just going to plonk myself in there for a day and get some decent de-greaser and a brush and have a tray to catch the mess.

Obviously, advice on any better methods or short cuts would be greatly appreciated as would a recommendation on the best products to use.

Finally, I'll give the areas of the chassis I can get to a good wire brushing with a view to painting. Can anyone recommend a decent matt product..... the POR stuff seems shiny.

Thanks in advance sock cookers....

esprit engine bay.jpg

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One not to do.   Do not use Traffic Film Remover (the stuff used in touchless car washes) or similar aggressive cleaners, it's designed to be rinsed off pretty soon after contact, so prolonged contact means it can destroy some components (ali especially).

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I found a product in Pound land years ago, Astonish Engine Degreaser. Spray on engine degreaser at 99p per 1Lt bottle. It's first class stuff and so good I got onto the manufacturers and now buy it by the case as you cant always find it in the shops. Spray on, leave for a couple of minutes, agitate stubborn bits with an old tooth brush or the like, then simply rinse off.

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recently I started using Dasty after reading "urban myths" and a wild enthousiast internet society about the product.

Infact it is a simple household degreaser, but it is also used by a lot of people to degrease engine parts and all sorts of other stuff. The myths are true. It is unbelievable efficient and it is dirth cheap over here. cheaper and a lot more efficient then most so called specialist products, I used in the past.

i used it on the car to clean up my carbs  and  my engine (like new aluminium) and as a very effective rim (wheels) cleaner. In the household to clean the dirtiest things like an extractor hood , a fryer. I also clean my garage floor with it .....

spray it on ( for bad surfaces, brush it in after spraying) let it sit for a minute or 2 and whipe it clean with a wet cloth, or if possible (not in your case) spray it off with water.

Over here It is sold by a household store chain (Wibra) at  2.19€/l ( spraybottle included ) it is called classic dasty , it is almost fuorescent yellow and smells lemon fresch. I don't know if it is sold in the UK.

More info on the product:


Dasty Classic Heavy Duty Degreaser

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Easiest way is lacquer thinners, buy it buy the gallon. Cleans off all the grease and muck, just use a stiff brush to agitate it. I put it in a spray bottle to apply, dries with no residue. I used it on my S2 JPS Esprit to get this finish. I used SEM Trim Black to repaint the chassis components, both metal and fiberglass bits.




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I use Gunk products and Simple Green cleaner as well as BrakeKleen. The brushing of these product is good but the best way to remove the grime is to us a small steam cleaner. We have one like this laying around and it cleans really well



There are smaller ones that friends have that work well too.



Jon - 1984 Esprit Turbo

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