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I've joined the Evora club!


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Congratulations Mark, welcome to the Evora club :D

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Congrats Mark. Evora are good in snow, drove my first Evora home from Chris Neals and it started snowing when we were going round Brum. 2/3 inches deep when we got home

Blessed with the competence to be a slave to the incapable.

Currently without a Lotus, Evora 400 Hethel Edition in Racing Green with Red leather and 2010 Evora N/A in Laser Blue and 1983 Lotus Excel LC Narrow body in Ice Blue all sadly gone.

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Stunning car Martin black works particularly well on the 400/410 for me.

I am officially in the Evora club too now having paid for mine but unable to drive it just at the moment, long story involving PPF but worth getting it all sorted before registration. Will be in my garage soon though, my first Evora also. Can't wait.

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Nice choice Mark, good to see one with some proper wheels rather than silhouette ones :sofa:

Another Evora for the East Anglian meets :thumbup: ------------although I don't get there much myself :no

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Thanks Paul, yes I like silver alloys too and I think they work well with this colour.  I will hopefully get the car along to the Bird in Hand at some point after Christmas.


Yes, I was reading about your PPF work on the other thread, I can totally see why you would want that.  It will be worth the wait to know it is well protected.  And what an Evora to start with too, it will be great to see footage from your first track outing.

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Welcome to 400 ownership!

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4 hours ago, M4rk said:

Thanks guys.  I do think the 400 represents excellent value and with moderate use shouldn't depreciate too much (not that we think of that when buying!).  The man maths has been working overtime to make this work.  

@550superfast cheers Gary.  It has been a busy couple of months so I've been popping on TLF but not that visible.  I really wanted to join you guys at Silverstone a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't make the diary work unfortunately.  Looking forward to more track days next year.

I'm sure Lotus Silverstone will not mind me sharing a pic from their website



Excellent colour combo and great daily :)

Black n gold

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With dry roads and fair weather around where I live today, I've enjoyed putting some more gentle running in miles on the car making Christmas deliveries.  With the windows down and the exhaust valve open I have to say it sounds epic!  What a great, and very addictive, noise!  Fortunately my neighbours seem to appreciate the V6 growl. :)  Everyone I have showed the car too has had a big smile coupled with a "wow", some are convinced it is Italian in origin.  

The only thing I'm having an issue with is opening the boot lid, I think it needs some adjustment but it is temperamental on the key fob, or perhaps I am not doing it correctly.  Something to look in to on the running in service.

I enjoyed giving the 400 a wash yesterday, a couple of quick pics:




Haha, ignore the edge of my finger in the second pic!  :no

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