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Farewell Evora nr 2

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This week I said goodbye to Evora nr 2.

The first LE version lasted over 6 yrs, the second 2013 S IPS just 18 mths.

Loved the car but really never bonded with the IPS. My left left just got bored.

I know it has gone to an enthusiastic good home and I am pretty sure the new owner will pop up and say hi on here soon....

Last time it took 6 months to find a replacement so I am hoping it will be a bit quicker this time around.

An S Manual remains favourite although I still glance longingly at the Exige S and I am resisting taking a 400 out for a test drive.... for now.

Frustrating when you check autotrader / pistonheads etc 5 times a day but nothing new comes up.

Aimee is on speed-dial!




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Try a 400.  Auto is awesome vs IPS.  Or go manual with that lovely gear change.  Then there is the exhaust .  Trust me ;)

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2 hours ago, DJW said:

Try a 400.

This! Gearchange is much improved, you'll love it :D

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Had a '13 S IPS and decided to test drive both a manual 400 and auto 400. Was almost sold on the manual and then I tried the auto. Honestly it blew away my S. Shifted way faster and more aggressive and even was enjoyable in full auto, which I never even bothered with on the S.

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Ah!  I see that Paul has prompted me to say hello!

Indeed, Paul's old car is now here; my fourth Evora.  And Paul is completely nuts to have sold it, because it's so clearly the perfect Evora.  Indeed, I missed out on exactly the same car back in November 2013 when it was up for sale briefly at Paul Matty's, and so I ended up with my white NA IPS.  I've been looking out for it since!

I went Evora Manual -> Evora IPS -> Evora 400 Auto -> Evora S IPS.

But as noted on another thread, the 400 just wasn't for me.  And I much prefer the IPS/Auto ratios and lack of gearbox chatter.

I agree that the new Auto is a step up from the IPS.  But given a choice between my 400 and the S IPS, even at the same price point, I'd take the S IPS.  As mentioned elsewhere, the 400 has lost the fluidity of the S1.  In fact, Paul's car wasn't quite as fluid as my old IPS when I first drove it.  But now I have it on my 18/19 (winter) wheels and tyres rather the 19/20, and it's now near perfect.  The exhaust sound is less brash, the interior feels so much bespoke, the Recaro seats so much more comfortable than the squeaky Sparcos.  I'll miss the 400's extra rear seat space for my kids, and I recognize that for the vast majority people the 400 manual > S1 IPS.

But Aimee was exactly right in saying that we got the shoe that fits now.

Good luck to the new owner (Richard, I think) of my (not very old) 400!

Also I think Aimee's found someone for my NA IPS and so it looks like I'm back to just one Evora!  (But still 2 x Elises . . . )

Cheers, David

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