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Hi folks, ive had a headlamp problem which ive now found to be an earthing problem. Ive got two wires that have both been separated. I think they may have been sheared by the headlamp lift rod at some point. I know one is an earth wire as its black and i double checked by running another earth cable and the light worked. The other is a blue and white wire but i have no idea without following it back what it is. As the cut is right underneath the pod, rather than take the bonnet and pod out etc i just need to insert an extension which i can feed through from the headlamp to under the bonnet. My question is what grade of wire do i need? and also what the best type of connection to use? Im no expert but i do have a fair amount of common sense (i think!)

Any help would be appreciated.



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Have you investigated the wire colours in the Service Notes? (You have a Full Forum Account so you can download them.)




Regards wire repair, my advice is to use AT LEAST the same thickness of wire, if not slightly thicker. (Remember that wire gauge is thicker the smaller the number value.)


I always like to solder and shrink-tube connections.  NO CRIMPING! Of course I grew up doing performance rallying, and the jolting and bumping on unpaved roads and trails would make short work of poorly-crimped connections.

Before you solder, remember:  a good mechanical connection is needed. Twist the ends together well, and let the solder flow into the joint and stiffen it. Then shrink wrap it with enough 'overhang' to ensure any flexing occurs under the insulation.

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Thanks, i appreciate the response. I do have the service notes i just didn't realise they had the colours. I shall dig them out and take a look.

Also great advice re soldering. I wasnt sure if to solder or use a connector so this has answered my questions.

Thanks again i really appreciate it.


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