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Flywheel lightening

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I am so close to getting my Haltech.... I am like 200$ away.  Those two cross because the haltech cant read our flywheels. Also I probably warped the heck out of the flywheel during many third gear take offs and two big mistakes only one got smoke but the other made a stink.... Spring if it lasts I want to do the flywheel and something for the clutch. Just gotta hold together a bit longer. As for a box I think I am going Quaife. I like aluminum wheels because they are light by nature dissipate heat pretty good and  This is just my superstision but without any windows ect I feel like its less prone to flying apart.

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I had to gun it in fourth from a stop because of a gearchange problem me being in the middle of the  road and an approaching dump truck. Hasnt been quite the same since. I do plan on pulling it apart. I had it let go during a third gear pull on the freeway. The car is a mess right now. I need to properly go through it again but its just so damn cold. If it was summer I would have pulled the gearbox just to have a look with the mic. So hopefully thats this summer getting all that straight with a hopefully whole new box.


Also my life took a major turn. I am launching a youtube cooking show and just spent the 800 bucks I had saved for my haltech on a cannon 7D. I hope I make the money back when the show launches... Because I really wanted to do the ECM. The intake ect are going to be paperweights until I can get that unit. :(

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