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Info exhaust ,induction,ecu

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CCiao a tutti scusate se parlo solo italiano,sto cercando di sostituire:

1) aspirazione e mettere quella diretta e quale marca mi consigliate

2)cerco exhaust e non so se cambiare tutto completo e solo collettori e se usare catalizzatori hsg o delay

3)remapping ecu...komotec con file acquistato on line perché in Italia non c è rivenditore...o chi mi consigliate?

4) GEO per uso 50 track 50 strada....da diminuire il sottosterzo


grazie ancora


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Ciao Francesco,

We’re mostly English speakers around here so I had to put your post through Google translate:

CCiao sorry to all if I speak only Italian, I'm trying to replace:

1) aspiration and put the direct one and which brand you recommend me

2) I look for exhaust and I do not know whether to change everything complete and only collectors and whether to use hsg or delay catalysts

3) remapping ecu ... komotec with files purchased online because in Italy there is no retailer ... or who do you recommend?

4) GEO for 50 track 50 road use .... to reduce understeer  

Thanks again Francis”

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Ciao Francesco,

Welcome in the forum. 

In my opinion you have 2 options.

1) I don't know if you live far from Milan but near Bergamo there is Pb racing and I have kits to increase the power of the exige v6. They can start with a soft upgrade that include ecu map and new induction system with 370 hp. You can include also a silencer modified to increase the sound.

If you want more performances they can install also full exhaust system with a new ecu file and reach more hp around 430 hp I think. 

I know they offer also the installation of a chargecooler and increase the power up to 500 hp. 

They are really professional and they have a strong reputation in the Lotus community.  Having a lot of experience in Motorsport they can properly setup the GEO and the suspensions on your car as per your needs. 

2) you can purchase the 390 kit from komotec and install everything in one mechanical shop that you trust. With the cable and the file that you will receive your mechanic can do everything by himself. I suggest to add also the valved silencer and the carbon fiber induction. With this setup they can build an ecu file for you to reach 400 hp circa. 

Off course komotec has different kits to suit anybody needs. Their material is of high quality and they are professional too. 

I hope the above can help you and if you need anything PM me in italian language. 



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