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I am working on a 2000 car that sat unused for ~5 years. Local critters got to some of the wiring but it does not appear they got into the passenger compartment at this point though it is not out of the question.

The turn signals are not working. i.e. the lights do not go on either side back or front when the stalk lever is set.

The hazard lights work - both sides left and right and they flash. The switch bulb worked and flashed until i hit it for like the 40th time but the instrument cluster light does not flash when the hazards are on.

When I turn the stalk to indicate left turn, occasionally i see a momentary dim flash in the instrument cluster indicator.

The turn signal and hazard fuses are good and have power with the key on.

My thoughts are to replace the hazard switch as a first thing to try. The headlamp switch sticks as well so....

I have stared at the wiring diagram then next thing to do would be to pin out wires between the stalk and the hazard switch (I think).

Can anyone (who knows the electricals well) think of a better path inconsideration of the circumstances?

BTW - as of now I think all the other interior switches / controls are working.


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If the hazards are flashing when the hazard switch is pressed then I do not think the hazard switch is at fault, it may be a poor earth. I would disconnect the switch and short pins 4, 5 & 6 together and pins 1 & 3 together on the connector and see if that makes a difference.

For the indicator stalk, try disconnecting the switch and short pins 49a & 49aR (right hand indicators) together and pins 49a & 49aL (left hand indicators) together on the connector to see if the switch is faulty.

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