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I just picked up a 15 plate Evora 400 3 days ago and on a few occasions when driven hard I have a strange ‘pattering’, tapping noise coming from the passenger side screen/dash area. It sounds a bit like several large rain drops hitting the screen every second  and about the same volume you would get in a heavy storm. It appears to be speed related in that it increases intensity and volume  as I accelerate hard but at a steady speed it disappears. It’s happened on 3 occasions so far.

At first I thought it might be the A piller cover vibrating/ resonating or a screen bonding issue but it appears okay. I will try and record it if it persists but has anyone experienced anything similar?

Otherwise loving it.

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it might be resonance from the a pillar cover, whilst it may seem fine, i would stick some masking tape over it, &  then go for a high speed pass


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3 hours ago, Phil H said:

Yep its was the A pillar cover. All sorted. Thanks


They really are from the Ministry of shit design. How the 400 ended up with the same as the S1 I don't know. They never fall off but they are a nightmare to fit properly.

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