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Osram Xenarc Night Breaker HID bulbs

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Whilst I could never describe the Evora headlights as bad - the car is so capable on twisty roads that at night, visibility becomes the limiting factor in terms of pace for me.

I was idly looking at 55w replacements for the std 35w bulbs, whilst thinking “given the headlight delamination issues - this is probably a very bad idea” :ermm:

Then someone made me aware that Osram now make a Night Breaker HID bulb now, and it appears to do What they claim

So having never tried to access a headlight - can you reach the bulb without removing the headlight itself?

And are the bulbs D1S?

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I don't think it's the amount of light that's the issue, but the elevation of the lamp. I've always found that the OS lamp don't illuminate much of the road ahead in any of the Evora's I've had. 


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Evora NA

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My mistake. I had my headlights tweaked up a bit and they do illuminate better. Worth trying first.

Being a spark and looking at what they claim, 70%more light (from standard or hid lamp? Doesn't say) 5% whiter.  I find whiter lights allways look brighter, when swapping flouracents to led for example. I suspect they are just a slightly whiter colour but no real increase in brightness, but maybe I'm a sceptical old git ? 

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I can't comment on the HIDs, but very happy with Nightbreaker H1 and H4 lamps. I use them in the Esprit, Excel and Range Rover and they do make a difference. A mate even refitted them to his Merc company car, because he got used to having Nightbreaker perfomance in his other car. So if the HIDs give a similar gain, it would be a good upgrade.

I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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The claim is 70% brighter than a std HID bulb.

i have used Halogen Night Breakers in the past too - great upgrade over normal halogens. They did this with finer wire more tightly wound so it was more of a point source, whilst being legal wattage. This affected the life of the bulb, but I thought it was a good compromise.

Not sure how what tech they are using on these uprated HID bulbs to get more out of the same power, but I am willing to try them.

just not sure if I’d need to remove the whole headlamp unit or not - keen to hear from anyone that has been in an about their headlights :)

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I can't see how they increase the out put for the same wattage unless it's a different gas? I've had my headlight out to repair an led side light, you should be able to change the bulb with it in position, might be easier with the wheel off but can't remember as it was a while ago. Still worth tweaking them up a bit aswell.

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There's an access hole in the wheel well covers that you can remove and gain access to the bulbs. It's doable with the wheels in-situ, but significantly easier with the wheels off. 

Thanks for the reminder though; it's been about 18mos since I swapped my bulbs, so I'll give the Night Breaker Ultimates a shot. They seem to get good reviews, but some seem to prefer the Philips Xenon X-treme Vision gen2s. 

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Had a quick poke about before dinner - whipped the wheel off and the access panel Dave mentioned gives very easy access to the bulb.

Have ordered a pair from Amazon -  £95. Will try to get a side-by-side comparison of oem vs upgrade if an opportunity arises.

Anyone know which one is the vertical adjustment screw? I coukd probably lift the beams up a teensy smidge too....



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Bulbs arrived today at about 5pm, so.... might as well fling them in. B-)

I took the wheel off at each side, but with the car jacked up and the suspension therefore fully dropped - there is probably enough access to either adjust the beam or change the bulb with the wheel on. Harder to get your work light in to see what you are doing though.

Trickiest part was disconnecting the electrical supply to the drivers side oem bulb - there was another wire preventing me from pulling the bulb directly out once unclipped - so I had to leave it clipped in and wiggle the connector off gently with a screwdriver. They just push on/off.

I also found the alignment adjustments, so post an image below for others. This is drivers side - nearside is a mirror as you would expect. 10mm white nylon hex head.

V= vertical adjust. Clockwise moves beam up.

H= horizontal alignment. Didn't touch these so not sure which direction it moves as you turn.

I pitched both my headlights up a smidge more. Dead easy - bit of electrical tape stuck vertically on the wall - mark the beam edge with a pencil and adjust - you can see how far you have move it.



So everyone that fits uprated bulbs does a side-by side comparison... even though it is really hard to make much out.... :ermm:

So i tried to do a couple of shots from inside and outside anyway. A lot of snow in Glasgow today, so no chance to go for a spin. :(

The new bulbs are definitely brighter to the eye. Still 4300k, so no nasty blue tinge to them - just very crisp white.

Drivers side = new NightBreaker HID.

Passengers side = oem HID

Dipped and main beam from inside the car. You can see increased reflection from the garage door paint on the drivers side beam.




And then from the outside - with the brightness lowered after i took the pic - so you can again see that the light signature on the drivers side is greater.


Like I said - not easy to capture in pictures :sofa:

Really keen to try them on an unlit road now - hopefully increased light, pointing in a more optimal direction, will make a big difference. B-)

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For anyone interested :) Osram have only gone and introduced an even brighter version they’ve called Laser. NIGHT BREAKER LASER-Xenon headlight lamps-Cars-Automotive Lighting/com/en/GPS01_3043387/PP_EUROPE_Europe_eCat/ZMP_4058323/

Quite a bit pricier at around £135 a pair on eBay, but the claims are 200% brighter than an oem HID bulb - compared to the +70% of the ones I fitted. 😬

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