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Evora 400 reversing light - rubbish

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I'm finding the single nearside reversing light on the Evora a bit rubbish for seeing where I'm going while reversing in the dark, compared to my old Elise S2 that managed to have two reversing lights and two rear fog lights also. Has anyone found a suitable upgrade that would increase the brightness and coverage? I was thinking of something like these combined fog/reversing lamps, but they'd need to be much smaller to fit on the Evora.

Open to suggestions (other than a friend with a torch).


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They are hella 55mm inner units (that can be mated to outer units to make complete clusters) but they don't make a combined reverse/fog, hence why we have one of each. That said the reverse is a single central led so possible you could get a brighter one.


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I'm totally with you on this. The standard lamp is rubbish. I noticed whilst browsing at Lotus Silverstone that the latest models have slightly different lamps from my Launch Edition. Older ones like mine have a chrome effect edge, whilst the new ones are transparent on the sides. I was wondering whether the new ones were any better, but as you're complaining about them on a 400, I guess the answer is no :(


I have also wondered whether the right solution might be a better reversing camera that copes better in low light conditions.

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