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Eltech Carbon bootlid

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I bought the roof here :

Just for looks , intake has nu function , fitment is great but you need to buy all the seals from Lotus because the ones they send with the roof are junk...

20170429_115018 (Large).jpg

20170429_115042 (Large).jpg

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The camera is from Valeo Park Vision , install is not so difficult but you have to route the cables at the underside of the engine into the cabin were the handbrake cables come inside,but next time I would buy a camera with a bigger screen,the Valeo is a little bit small but it works....

20171226_123924 (Large).jpg

20171226_124016 (Large).jpg

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@dixie v6 how strong do you reckon the cover is? For example do you think it’s as strong and stiff as OEM or got more flex?

Reason I ask is because I’d be curious if the single carbon hatch has the strength for a ‘big wing’ and the downforce it creates...

I do hope so as I think it’s a great part!

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On 24/12/2017 at 15:29, dixie v6 said:

Received the Eltech carbon bonnet,quality is perfect and it fits like a glove,really happy with it....

20171221_163642 (Large).jpg

20171224_142623 (Large).jpg

20171224_151105 (Large).jpg

Hi Dixie 

Can you tell me about the weight saving between the carbon part and the original glass ?



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Has anyone ever seen (or thought of) such a bootlid in clear plastics?

The design of the eltech reminds me of the F40. Since I really like the glasscover of our V6 CR but also would like to lose some weight there, it seems to be the ideal compromise!?

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Hi @dixie v6, are you still pleased with your Eltech rear bonnet/boot lid? It looks like a great product to me but wondering whether you would recommend it.

I am also planning to get the front access hatch and roof in carbon from Eltech.  I know you have the front access hatch as well. Would you recommend that?

Is there a reason you did not get the Eltech carbon roof?

Your car looks great! My car is Ardent Red. Is that the same colour as yours?

Thank you!

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