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Glyn Harper

Looking for a courtesy light

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Anyone got one of these spare lying around? There were about 80 in the big parts sale they did in 2007 for about £1 each, but I didn't think I'd need one. :( Really fancying upgrading my car to have one of these as they look so much newer.

Failing that, anyone know if it's a standard Vauxhall part or something? My plan is to fit it to the existing headlining, using a stanley knife and a dremel. :)



Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 14.24.37.JPG

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Hey all. I've not got my interior Vauxhall Senator style map lamp/courtesy light.

It has three spade connectors for the wires. A large, medium and thin one.

I have the wiring diagrams, but it doesn't show which wire goes to which pin, just the colours of the wires which are green, purple and black.. ignition, permanent live and ground, respectively.

Any chance someone could drop their interior light down to see which colour wire goes to which spade? I'll try and work it out in the meantime with a meter. If I do I'll post here anyway in case anyone else searches for this in the future.



Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 19.07.36.JPG

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Found it. The female spade connector is labeled 31 which is Ground (Black)

The medium spade is labeled TK which is permanent + (Purple and white) 

The large central spade is labeled 30 which is the Purple permanent positive

The small space is labeled 15 which is the ignition feed (Green)

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The TK (also marked TKF on some wiring diagrams) is not a permanent +12 v feed, it also gets tied to ground via the door switches to activate the courtesy light.

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