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Roberto Esprit

Part of another plan. Electron AC Help.

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I am suffering the same merky performance as many esprit owners are Sticky knobs, mixed hot and cold,  ECT. I also have a complete dual zone unit for the heat and flaps.  Also my A/C system is empty. They threw some oil in it ( I hope)...

The thing is I have a R12 car.... I live in japan. R12 is so Illegal.... It can be bought but for prices that make the Electronic A/C cost the same. Because what if the 28 year old compressor leaks...

I want to buy a cheap compressor for a new car then fit that with an electronic motor. The problem is how much H.p. and speed do I need for good cooling?

^^ 1000RPM? 1/2 H.p. ???

Does this option seem lighter than stock when its all said and done?  < The reasoning is a newer smaller compressor and way less line should negate the heavy DC motor.

Also I know little about air con.  I can do it n all but I didnt study it. I get the basic principles. pulls heat out of the air for turning to a gas then runs through the condensor on the high side to expel the heat energy  also the evaporator/dryer goes somewhere in there. I dont need a diagram I need to know if someone has done it or knows a guy who knows a guy. It's gonna be swamp a** weather here in a few months.


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