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Pictures wanted - All V6 Exige Colours!


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Hey guys! Happy new year and all that jazz :P
We are trying to start a collection of Lotus colours available and we need your help! I might post a duplicate thread in the Evora and Elise sections, but ONLY if they have other colours we do not have.
Now the reason behind this is because I'm selfish and want a complete collection of photos we can use to help decide which colour we like best. Google is a good source of finding shades, but there is too much variety. 3 photos of the same colour all come out different and then end up looking like a different name sake of the same variety, but they also get labelled wrong!

So without further rambles, lets see what pics you all have! Please post the name of the colour you have posted as well

If you can manage a sunlight photo and also a darker "in the shade" style so we can see how the colours change that would get you brownie points :D 

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My car's color is C189. I was told by the dealer that it's a Midnight Blue, but Hangar111 mentioned in another post that C189 is a Metallic Blue. The Exige S brochure has one listed Nightfall Blue. From all the pictures online though, neither of these three is my car's colour so no idea what to call it...





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3 hours ago, Arun_D said:

I do believe that is indeed 'Metallic Blue'. Same as @Kalli's car, offered immediately after Lotus decided to go back to basics with their colour names (much to everyone's confusion). Nightfall blue is lighter.

Correct indeed. Metallic Blue (2015-2016). It was replaced the next year with a new Metallic Blue (2016-onwards) from the Sport 350 (much brighter and bluer). The one we have is actually rather nice, as you get the best of both black and blue. The deep gloss of black, but then the hint of blue as the sun hits.


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