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Flex Pipe In Exhaust System

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My Esprit is in the shop (bad fuel tanks argh!) and I'm going to take the opportunity to drop even more money on an exhaust system. My logic is that my wife will be less upset by one giant repair bill than a combination of a big and medium repair bill.

I'm going to have the exhaust shop include a flex section in the exhaust and am wondering why one wasn't included from the factory. My car already has an aftermarket exhaust, apparently installed by a drunken welder, so a flex pipe may have been removed. With all the incidents of cracked exhaust manifolds, it would seem to be a logical piece to include. It would also prevent turbo, manifold, and head damage if I am ever rear-ended.




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Probably due to cost.

I tried a flexi and then went away from it becuase I couldn't get a long enough piece in place to have much of an effect - instead I made new hangers for the system - you can see a lot of picture of it on my GT3 website.

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It's also because none of the original exhaust mounts onto any part of the body work. The system uses the engine and gearbox as mounting points and as such only moves with them.

There isn't really a need for a flexi.

The manifold cracking issues (which have been largely resolved now) aren't due to a lack of flexi pipe.

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Just to add on the manifold problems are due to their design, materials and that they can be subjected to extreme cyclic, variations between hot & cold (especially with the turbos). Don't think a flexible pipe is going to help them in these areas, although the other factors you mention may still be valid reasons for considering.




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Imho, if it needs a flex-pipe, it's too long....


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