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Can anyone tell me what type of flasher units are fitted to the Stevens Esprit? 2, 3 or 4 pin?  square or round?

Are both the hazard and turn signal flasher units accessible in the binnacle without fully removing it? I read that it might be possible to access just by releasing the 4 bolts and lifting the binnacle up a bit?

My turn signal unit is a bit 'lazy' and I may as well change both at the same time and I'd rather have the new ones to hand to do it in one go rather than have to get in bits first to find out what type they are.

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Did this today.

If anyone is interested it's a standard square 3 spade 12v flasher unit. It's cable tied to the binnacle so pretty much impossible to get at just by unbolting and lifting the binnacle up so out it came. Easy enough job, just the faff of removing and refitting the binnacle to get to it.

Now flashing normally!

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