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Sno limit. (Fount the limits of the esprit in winter.)

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For a while now I been running snows on the car and l mostly baby it because of the tranny and fear of slamming into a guardrail or oncoming traffic. I should start with the bad of running a car like this in the winter. She scrapes here in japan because of poor plowing. I checked my ride height compared to most other cars I am a bit higher! 2 Deep soft powdery stuff is out of the question. studless tires will burn through the snowpack to the icy road so going up hill on soft stuff wont work out. I had to back up a half a mile last night and park it ( OUTSIDE!!) The front takes a lot of abuse and the cabin does not ventilate well. There is a constant layer of  fog on the side windows. I also did play around in the car a bit. The rear end wont go wont go then it likes to spin violently.  Now for the good. With the right size snows you should be able to tackle anything a front wheel drive car will. Even the nastiest of snow storms and the heat hold's up good. So good in fact a jacket isnt needed. Also any slipping is predictable.  The only time I got stuck was yesterday. In japan we have tire wide ditches on almost every road and they are quite deep. A foot or two... I hit some real deep snow everything was white. so I decided to back up. I was backing with my door closed which I usually have open so I can see better and plunked a tire into the ditch. I had tio lift the car and pack snow under the wheels to get out but otherwise its not been bad. Next year I am going to run a guard and build some smooth fender liners to shed snow easier. Honestly the frame and all the under parts are still the same as when I got it and I plan on cleaning and coating the frame come spring to ensure a long life.

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No no what I need is a Sport 300 where the turbo kicks in even higher and the probability of death is even greater!!!! TUUURBOOOO!

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Way to go Robert, the Esprit is pretty much an all weather car. ;) I've had several drives in the snow this winter, up to 10cm. Wide tires (of the performance and not winter type) on a light car are far from ideal. But I found the car so well balanced, it didn't matter much if the rear broke traction. Unlike all those fwd cars that plowed straight ahead uncontrollably, I could balance the Esprit through corners and roundabouts by gently modulating the throttle. I did have the same problem with windows fogging up. The spray from other cars always seems aimed directly at the Esprits low windscreen, hard to keep clean. But that's a nuisance in moderate rain as well.

What I don't like is hail. It makes a terrible racket on the glass sunroof, very unnerving!



I have made many mistakes in my life. Buying a multiple Lotus is not one of them.


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Hahaha you guys are bonkers. I have enough trouble exercising self control in my GT86 in snow let alone the turbo lagged goodness that is the SE!!!

Vanya Stanisavljevic '91 Esprit SE | '97 XK8

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