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Well I have just driven it to the wheel and tyre place for an alignment now that it is back on the road. I forgot how much fun it is. The way it sounds. How low I am compared to every other person. The way it accelerates with absolute ease. The way it looks.

It is going to be awfully hard to sell it. :( 

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On 1/13/2018 at 16:20, jcslocum said:

Hen don’t !!

I wish it was that simple.

13 hours ago, Jeanvm said:

Or sell it for a new Lotus

Once this one is gone, that will be it for sports cars for me. The drive yesterday has pointed out to me how much physically behind the car my mind is.

Unless I win millions in Lotto and then I would keep it and drive it like a nanny. I think I have a better chance of being hit by lightning on a sunny day.

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Absolute great sportscar, but don't forget how easy it is to get in and out of, the servo steering (on yours), the abs brakes (possibly on yours) and the big cargo area, that easily holds a shopping list's content, a 1:5 rc car, a folding bike or just a lot of garbage from the garden. Even if you want to go skiing, an ordinary car will have to have all sorts of roof boxes etc.  On the Esprit, Lotus have shown how easily it can be done. No worries mate ;) 

A real practical car.

Just don't sell.



ps: it beats me why on Earth one should have a fast ordinary car, which is 3 feet taller with two screaming kids on the rear bench...

Or a hook for a trailer?

And finally, if one say want to drive ones daughter to school one morning, and does that in a prius... Say no more, years of bullying in her life. Do it in the Esprit, and her future is bright and swell. A no brainer.

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