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visiting from Switzerland - need your help & suggestions what to visit (museum, racetrack, races, events, places of interest, anything car-related etc.) - Page 2 - Elite / Eclat / Excel Chat - The Lotus Forums #ForTheOwners Jump to content

visiting from Switzerland - need your help & suggestions what to visit (museum, racetrack, races, events, places of interest, anything car-related etc.)

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On 1/22/2018 at 17:13, Stuart Monument said:

Have you thought about trying to book a lotus driving acamdemy starter session. It includes a factory tour ! Might be able to fix you in , in August that way 

I've made my Elite super reliable last year, so it's ready for a looong trip. Not sure if it's ready for the track yet :ph34r: Don't want to trash it around a track too hard yet. But could you please let me know the date if available? Thanks!

On 1/22/2018 at 17:40, The Pits said:

If you're coming to the New Forest then you will be very welcome to join the Hampshire group for a drive out. Definitely let us know when you're in the area, we could always meet for lunch and I can show you a few favourite roads. Perfect excuse for me to get the Esprit out.

The big one for you around that time is the Lotus Festival at Brands Hatch. I'm not sure what the 2018 dates are but they are usually around the end of August, last year was the 2nd of September. Totally unmissable for any Lotus fan. You can even do a few gentle laps of Brands hatch as part of the parade laps at the end. It's the highlight of the year for many of us here. Should be extra special this year being the 70th Anniversary celebrations.

Will let you know once the schedule is finished, would love to meet up with some other Lotus owners! 

Thanks for the tip regarding the Brands Hatch Festival - any idea when they will release the date? I guess it will be on 01/02 September, as the following weekend is the Goodwood Revival? 

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20 minutes ago, Stuart Monument said:

The Lotus driving academy morning or afternoon is in one of there Cars. Check at the lotus driving academy website. Thanks Stu 

@Stuart Monument ah o.k. no, I'd rather do such an event with one of my own cars, anything else would only make me buying another car :)

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This is within reach of Goodwood, and they have some nice classic F1 exhibited eg. Lotus 78.

The Real Stig Lotus Turbo Esprit, Lotus Elise S1, Lotus Elite, Lancia Delta, Jaguar XF ....Previous cars: Subaru SVX, Porsche 924 Turbo, Lotus Eclat Excel, Lotus Elite, Matra Murena 2,2, Fiat X1/9 5sp

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I've skipped through the replies and don't think anybody has mentioned the Morgan factory tour, its in Malvern and like a time warp, a real experience if you can get in

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On 22/01/2018 at 12:01, theelanman said:

I organise free tickets to Lotus Owners for the Gold Cup (26th/27th Aug 2018)....Historic Racing/VSCC

I can include you if you wish (as you might be heading to Anglesey)

and if youre taking previous advise about driving through Snowdonia then would you like the route for the 'Evo Triangle'?

I am up in the North West (Buxton/Manchester/Sheffield/Peak District) if you need any further info for this area.....



can't make it to Oulton Park 😞 but please send me some details about the 'Evo Triangle' as we'll do the Snowdonia, thanks 🙂

Many, many thanks for all your ideas. I guess 3 weeks is too short 😉

I've sold my Elite 3 weeks ago, a very sad day, but sometimes you have to let go 😞 That guy  came along, looked at the cracked paint, I've tried to talk him out buying the car pointing out all the bits that are broken or don't work. He still wanted to buy. I thought ok the test drive will definitely will put him off. Au contraire, he came back after 30 minutes and was very excited... He even did not try to negotiate the price. Maybe, I'll buy the car back in a couple of years, as he wanted a 1975 car (his year of birth) which was on his 'bucket list'. What an idea... 

Anyway, now Lotus-less, I'll be driving a 1969 (my year of birth 😉 ) Jaguar XJ and would still be more than happy to meet up with some of you!

Our tour will start in Folkstone on Monday, 20. August and we will travel anti-clockwise along the coast, also visiting New Forest, Dartmoor, Haynes motor museum, Costwolds, Anglesey, Lotusbits, sjsportscars, Liverpool, Oxford, and maybe Brands Hatch (not in that order of course). 

@pompey ice Ian, thanks!
@The Pits will be in New Forest on Wednesday 22. August, staying at THE PIG-in the wall Western Esplanade Southampton, would be great to see some Lotus around and chat with you and your friends! will arrive in the late afternoon and hang around the pub I guess 🥂


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Gutted Daniel,,  Hope you get another soon,  Will miss seeing your posts on your Blue Elite,   always remember seeing your first post with the temporary fuel tank and pipe running over the roof lol :thumbup:


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