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Having just spent £800 upgrading my X180 standard brakes to PNM Brembos, what are the chances that some second hand examples would pop up on EBay?

At £25 currently these look like a steal


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I have PNM front and rear discs and bells on mine. I use standard V8 4 pot callipers on the front (got them brand new in one of the parts sales for about £100 each!) and the rear callipers are the standard V8 ones which are the same as you have here.. Elise ones in fact, which is why they come up fairly often.

I would eventually like to change to the Sport 350 braking setup, but I don't know if it's worth the effort. Adds a bit of unsprung weight on the back as well, as it has the original calliper still just for the handbrake, as well as the actual main brake calliper. (I think! Correct me if I'm wrong!)

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The 16 inch rears that I also have on my X180 meant that I could fit the standard PNM kit with larger 300mm discs and no other alterations were required.

I don't know much of the history of my car but, it you check the pictures on my post, I had the holes in the rear hub assembly for the handbrake cable to pass through which I understand may mean that my rear hub unit could have been replaced from a later model or S4?

It saves filing a half moon into the hub if you don't have this to avoid damage from rubbing cable against hub.


P.S. If some clever person created a kit that replaced the handbrake cable with an electric operated handbrake (me thinks button in the cabin on/off) it would add lightness and improve entry in and out of the car - but I appreciate it is a deviation from the originality.

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On 1/28/2018 at 07:50, Chillidoggy said:

In that case, this your lucky day -

PNM supply them, let us know how you get on.

They are OEM Tesla calipers, much cheaper on US eBay!

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I am with you Ian,  The Telsa ones are open and look like a completely different design,  For the cost of nearly 200 bucks, shipping and possible import tax, the pnm bundle looks like a safe bet, brand new, designed for purpose and not a lot more money in the grand scheme of things :)


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