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'85 Esprit Turbo Restoration

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Looks stunning Martyn,  you must be super pleased  :thumbup:   The front end of that orange car looks nice, is it a gt40 rep, but front tyres look skinny for a 40  ? 

   Just get some foam or clothes to cover the car, that way if you drop a spanner you will not end up crying lol,   However in your 3rd picture down where you have balanced the rear tailgate on something it looks like it has a chance of sipping off lol !

Fantastic work keep it up and it will be back together in no time !   :thumbup:



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On 19/09/2019 at 11:13, silverfrost said:

Looks stunning Martyn,  you must be super pleased  :thumbup:   The front end of that orange car looks nice, is it a gt40 rep, but front tyres look skinny for a 40  ? :thumbup:



It's a Marcos GT. Originally a 2-litre but got a 3-litre Ford Essex engine in it. Another project but relegated now the Esprit is back.

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For various reasons, not much has happened lately. However getting back to it now. Have reassembled the rear part of the body (spoiler/bumper/lights/boot catches/rear quarterlights etc) but been held up on the front as a previous owner "modified" the bumper meaning it needs building up a bit to get good fit lines on it. Seems it is hard to do much in the front before you get the bumper on so saving this until the body is all back on the chassis and easier to move than it is when on its modified shopping trolley.

So for now, the body is still on the lift with the chassis sitting underneath. I need a couple of extra eyes and a bit more courage to help me lower it down and make sure it lands in the right place.

In the meantime, I've stripped the door frames down. They have the usual corrosion problem, one quite bad. Seems you can't get new ones so much miserable paint scraping prior to patching.

I notice the frames are brazed in places - any advice from people who have repaired these as to whether brazing patch pieces is better than welding them? They metal is so thin so I am a bit worried about distortion.

Few pics below to bring things up to date anyway.




IMG_20191119_181316 (2).jpg

IMG_20200110_164039 (2).jpg

IMG_20200210_152532 (2).jpg

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Slow progress again, and with recent events not that likely to speed up sadly.

The window frames were a pig of a job - I'm no great welder and that thin, fiddly material is not a best stuff to practice on. However with a lot of patience I got new metal into all the badly rotted sections and got the whole thing solid again.

I was concerned the rust had got into the seams where the metal on the outer part of the frame doubles back on itself and would therefore just come through again. I therefore laboriously soaked every section in rust remover in containers made from sewage pipes and guttering because soaking the whole door would need a huge tank. For a final treatment I used POR 15 products to etch and paint the inside surfaces of the frames and hopefully seal those seams up.  Both frames are now in primer until I get some black satin paint.

Few pictures below.









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looks great I was clearing out the garage yesterday and found I have 2no brand new gas struts for the boot lid, you can have them for the price of the postage if you want them 



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2 hours ago, eeyoreish said:

Dan, remember I have a project TE sitting in the garage if Martin doesn't need those struts..! 👍

You’re 2nd on the list then as offered them now mate. Have you not finished it yet 😂

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Sorry Neil I do need them. I did find two in the box of bits and fitted them, but they felt a bit easy before I started and I'm not convinced they would even slow it down if you let go, far less hold the thing up.

And thanks Dan - I've sent you a message.


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Right, back to it today. Had some time off during lockdown but restarted last week by putting a load of new lights in the workshop.  That was partly because they were an eBay bargain (23 industrial high bay LED lights for £120) and partly the equivalent of sharpening all your pencils before revising because you know you've forgotten everything you had already done. But no more prevaricating. Here goes.

Only slight problem is I may lose the car for a few days as the front bumper needs some reshaping. It  was fitted to the old, poor quality wing repair by the PO sanding a bit off it. Now I have beautiful repairs, that bit needs putting back on. It's a tiny gap, but needs to be right. Only a small job and there will be parts I can work on while it is away.

Hope everyone else is keeping well.

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Still struggling to get the body aligned - sorted the front to back and side to side alignment, but it is vertical alignment that isn't working well now. Full details posted in the technical section here if anyone can help out.


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