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Elise on the track

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Hello guys

Propably topic was many times already on forum, but i have the question. 

What is the time/range whic elise  250 cup 2017.r can spend on truck. 

I mean maximum distance, time when car can drive at maximum, after what time car will need rest, extra coling or sth like this. 

of course i  didnt made any modification in car we talking about fabric equipment 

Track distance is 3,7km 

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The car will be fine, many Elise's race in the various series and being light on their feet they're good on consumables. What is more important is the driver. After 15-20 mins you'll either be tired or become complacent and there's more of a chance of an excursion into the scenery so that's about the longest I'd stay out for in a session. 

Importantly, have a warm up lap, and more importantly, a cool down lap where you try to use the brakes as little as possible and when you stop, don't use the handbrake but leave it in gear instead. 

Welcome :)

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Cheers Man for so quick anwesr

My car will be drive by few drivers, i would like to know if in that configuration which is fabric nothing change the car can be on truck lets say for two hourse and beetween them just stop for driver change 

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While it's not quite the same, I was part of the pit crew when this Exige raced in the N24 a few years back. For the 24 hour race around the 'Ring it needed fuel and tyres, that was it and it was (for the 6 hours we lasted) faultless. 


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