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1998 V8 /1989 4 cylinder interior swap?

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I have seen some interior parts on Ebay from a 1998 V8 Esprit Turbo that would be great if they would fit in my 1989 4 cylinder model. However;  I have no idea if this would work? . I remember reading about some interior changes when Lotus came out with the V8 Esprit Turbo. Has anyone with a 4 cylinder Esprit used interior pieces from a V8 model? Or have any knowledge about this?

As you can see from these pictures i am most interested in the sun visor piece, both front pillars and the rear window/bulkhead surround. Mine are pretty thrashed, the previous Owner let the car sit outside for a couple years and it seems the leather shrunk and ripped.

As always I really appreciate the help from everyone, don't have a buddy with an Esprit Turbo nor have i been to any of the meet ups yet..

Thank you!, Thank you!




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The easiest way is to check the V8 part numbers against the 4-cylinder, and if they match, you’re in business. That may not be the full story though, because even if the numbers don’t match, the parts might be interchangeable.

The rear window surround on the V8 has provision for a courtesy lamp.

The  head rail is different to the 4-pot as there’s no centre courtesy lamp I can see.

The A-pillars are probably identical.

I don’t see any alarm sensors at the rear of the cant rails.

My feeling is that the parts are physically interchangeable, but with some minor differences as described. Depending on the condition of the ABS plastic, which can get very brittle and shatter, can your parts be re-covered? 

Margate Exotics.

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Chillidoggy,  Thank you for the response, very helpful information.. Your question; Can my parts be recovered? I think most of them could be re upholstered. My only hesitation is the rear window/bulkhead leather trim piece. I don't know if the plastic backing has just come undone and is leaning inward or if its actually a bit deformed from sitting in the baking sun of the Santa Cruz Mountains were the previous Owner had left it for a couple years. My worry is if I pay someone to re cover it in leather and go to put it back in its never going to stay flush against the bulkhead.. You got me thinking thats for sure. I will play around with it in my head and do a better inspection..  I can't thank you enough, your input has been more than helpful.

Looks like you have a V8?

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No, it’s an S4s, but the interior is similar. Check out my refurb thread, there are some posts in it which relate to my full interior replacement, and regarding the parts you mention which I had to repair extensively. Even if your rear window surround is deformed, it may still be fixable.

Margate Exotics.

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I’ve done a complete interior swap on my 1988 Esprit to the very latest style interior with the smaller instrument cluster. I also changed the doors so I could have the later handles, door cards and much, much better electric window setup.

Not a horrendous job, but I’m good with wiring which was the only complicated part really.

The later style A pillar trims will be shorter than the ones you have now. Where you have a sort of box bit at the bottom of the trim, that’s shorter as if it’s been cut off on the later trim. In fact I believe you can cut down the original A pillars, re trim them, and they’ll fit the later cars.

The roof lining piece and window surround should be the same though.

I think on the S4 the interior light moved to the area between the visors using a Vauxhall Senator courtesy light unit, then on the very last builds it moved back to the rear window surround. They probably ran out of stock.

As has been said, probably better to just get the pieces you have re trimmed.

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