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New Twin Air Horn

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I've bought myself an air horn kit exactly the same as advertised on SJS for my X180 from Ebay.

The existing horn has a broken trumpet and barely passed with its volume  MOT.

For fun, I connected the new one up to a spare battery that I keep in the garage and the noise was OK, but similar to the existing horn. I then reversed the polarity connections and nearly jumped out of my skin! Loud!

It makes me believe that as the first sound was similar to my current in situ, that perhaps it was wrongly connected. It does however to be out of sight and could someone confirm what I need to remove for access?

Windscreen reservoir only? or, Front bumper? headlight? 


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Our LHD '88 has the horn trumpets under the car, in front of the left front wheel. There is nothing covering them, as is the case with S4+ Esprits.


The 'compressor' end is in the left front of the trunk as well, near the windscreen reservoir, aft of the headlamp pod. We also have the relay support bar there, too. Follow the air tubes into the luggage compartment...

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With better lighting and removing the water bottle things were much clearer. The connections were right, so it was likely just the plastic horns, but I changed everything anyway.

The two bolts holding the plastic horns underneath were very corroded and this meant that I needed someone topside to stop the nuts from turning. I used some M6 bolts with nyloc nuts being slightly better than the ones provided and needed to use some of the old air tubing as not much came with the kit.

The kit was a perfect match and although very cheap was comparable with what was on the car so well worth replacing if you have an hour or so spare.


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