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On 05/04/2018 at 21:12, GTK said:

Thought it might be! 

How did you get on at Stitch Perfect?


I've left my seats with Joseph at stitch perfect

He is going to recover them in leather also recovering the cabin fire wall panel and pocket along with the choke and door card inlays

From what I could see when I dropped them off he does some really nice work . I was lucky that he had a cancellation slot .He said he normally is booked up for months in advanced

Cant wait to see them all re covered

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18 minutes ago, Fairlineguy said:

Well it's now been Tango-ed

Popped into the paint shop and she is all in colour. Just has to have the Black bits and a final polish done.

looking forward to getting her back .


What shade of Tango did you choose in the end?

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4 hours ago, Fridge said:

What shade of Tango did you choose in the end?

I have to confess I baled on Colorado orange.

Played it safe The shade of tango is VW magma orange  (same as my Datsun 240z )

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If chassis blasting is yet to be done I'll offer 2 suggestions: have it blasted using something other than sand, walnut shell/garnet mixture does a fine job; know that it will take some doing to extract residual media from closed sections like the forward box/turrets. I clodged a length of heater hose onto the shop-vac in order to be able to snake into the further reaches. There will be quite the measure of material left there and it must be removed so as not to form a corrosion trap.

Agree that powder coat is not to be preferred. Well applied paint is better for this application. I'll attach a photo of the chassis, post blasting.


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18 minutes ago, Painterdave said:

Ive just seen a s3 on eBay for £5.300 by it now can't be right can it

It's a scam. There have been many Lotus posted recently for silly prices. :) 

It's getting there......

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One of these eBay scammers had 650 active buy it now auctions for various cars and motorcycles the other day. There's no way eBay can keep on top of it.

Lotus Esprit [meaning] a 1:1 scale Airfix kit with a propensity to catch fire

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On 04/10/2018 at 12:33, GTK said:

Any update Neil, how are you getting on with the build?

Haven’t looked back on this thread for a long time.

Car is all restored and fitted with a 912 engine instead of the k series .

I'm restoring a S1 now  


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