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95 S4 Interior refurbish

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As noted in another post, I've decided it's time to refresh my interior. Starting with new carpets and a new shifter boot - thanks to Steve V8 for getting me sorted out on that. Getting the carpets out was a trial, and of course while I'm in there...

I had to use my Fein tool to slice the adhesive between the carpet and the body because the adhesive was very difficult to remove. Took a while, but finally got all of the old carpet out. I removed the inner sills so I could replace the carpet along with the belt cutout pieces, they must be glued to the inside of the sills prior to reinstallation.


The tunnel sides had overspray from a misguided attempt by a P.O. to spray paint on the seats in an attempt to "re-dye" them. Didn't work and the overspray onto the tunnel pieces looked pretty bad. Some Goof-off cleaned up the sides very nicely.







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With the carpets out and the cockpit cleaned up, I decide I need new speakers to replace the old rear units from 1995 - and while I'm in there, might as well order new front speakers since the front left one was starting to buzz. I have an amp behind the drivers seat above the fuel tank, so plenty of power. 

But now the old single DIN radio is bothering me and I just installed a very nice double DIN Pioneer unit in my wife's Jeep that she likes very much - with a backup camera! So, why not?

Removing the center stack was not easy, required removing of the binnacle and while I was in there, the shift boot rubber was deteriorated, of course - so a call to JAE had that in the post next day.

To make room for the double DIN, I had to remove the AC controls, cut the AC control support out of the radio stack frame, weld it back together and after I get a final location on the new radio and AC control, I'll weld the AC support into a new location. Planning to add a digital voltmeter below the AC control space in a blanking panel. I'll lose the cig light, so might also install a USB port (or two) there.  I'll connect the USB port to the radio - so I can upload a Lotus screen saver for the radio :-)












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Finished welding the AC control panel back onto the center support. Also added a couple of diagonal reinforcing brackets to support the weight of the larger radio. Painted, ready to go back in.




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Took all day, but I got the new radio in. Backup camera works perfectly when selecting reverse - I tapped into the reverse light circuit for the signal to the radio. The old front speakers were completely trashed, so new Fosgate's went in. Rear speakers replaced as well. Sounds really nice now. Backup camera was only $30 but has a nice image. Took a while to figure out how - but I managed to get a Lotus logo for the screen wallpaper. Going to try a few different style logos.

Still need to close out the bottom space with a fixed USB connector and a new digital voltmeter. For now, it's all in and working great - well worth the effort!

Interesting to note that the radio remains on after the ignition is switched off - until the key is removed from the ignition, then it gets the signal to shut off. I had not noticed that before. BT connect is fast and accurate. Very pleased with this radio.






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Removing and installing new carpets is not an easy task - lots of fitting and fiddling and gluing and adjusting. After a couple of hours with my head in the cockpit sniffing glue, have to stop and do something else for the rest of the work session. The contact cement is really nasty, fumes are pretty powerful.

Waiting for USB flush mount, switch and a new voltmeter so I can install the radio one last time and reassemble the center console. Then the side panels on the console and the aft center pocket goes in last. After I sew the new belt cutout and handbrake gaiters, I can glue them to the inner door sills and finish it off. Then just need to get the seats reupholstered. I think overhauling the engine would be easier! I did get the binnacle back in place successfully - that's always fun!


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Finished up installing the radio and the new panel with the voltmeter, handbrake defeat switch (green button) and USB port. Installed the rest of the new carpet 9 still waiting for the correct handbrake boot and belt cutouts from Steve V8, then they will match the rest of the interior). Seats back in, looks and sounds very nice :-)




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7 hours ago, Jphoenix13 said:

still waiting for the correct handbrake boot and belt cutouts from Steve V8,

On their way Jim, just checked the tracking, currently with USPS in L.A.DSC_0271.thumb.JPG.a9fb88ddca68ee2d0cb2c3d45668733a.JPG

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