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Dellorto Carb balance

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Hello all,
I have a few questions concerning my S2 Dellorto carb floating adjustment.
I am adjusting a float balance after a recent hinge rebuild on a dellorto carb cover, currently attaching the floater to the reworked dellorto cover hinges results in a gas overflow due to the pin not properly closing, upon inspection the floater doesn’t sit level when visually compared to the other carb floater set up.
I adjusted the floater carefully duplicating the level and setting of the other carb.
Turning the key the carbs do not overflow during the initial fill however the car will not turn over, it does with starter spray but once the spray burns off ..the car dies, it is not getting fuel, upon inspection the jets in the carb are not delivering the accelerator pump shot.
So, three questions, curious if I’m asking the right ones…
Is there a set or measured adjustment for the floater height, or is it just adjusting it to a level position whilst making sure the pin is fully seated when the floater is raised?
Also, how much fuel should be in the reservoir of the Carb bowls to successfully close the pin and deliver fuel?
Shouldn’t there be a shot spray into the chamber when the butterfly valve engages?
Thank you for the help
Regards, Kevin

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Hi Kevin, below is a link to a good article on how to set the floats correctly. Assuming the fuel pump is delivering the correct pressure this should work. The accelerator jets should spray with each throttle pump. Not with slow throttle movements though. Make sure the floats are intact and not perforated and taking in fuel.

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Unbelievably useful, this answers so many questions with a great walk through. Thank you Gis!!

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