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Guts of the HVAC

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I am having a go at refreshing the HVAC unit which is to serve in my S2. The car was fitted with A/C from the factory so I have the components all in hand. Given the (ahem) well used state of the old girl, I have also acquired the HVAC unit from a wrecked '94 as a donor. So my first question is what purpose is served by the placement of a sheet of open-cell foam on the interior side (downwind) of the A/C evaporator? I am inside the '94 unit ( 40k miles, by the way, and in good shape visually ) and that foam has largely disintegrated.


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Is the 94 unit the same? They look different in the parts lists.

The foam I think is there as a filter and might also be to catch water droplets of condensation from the evaporator. I dont think its essential and I didnt replace it when I did mine.

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I agree with Andy, it’s a very basic coalescer, and any moisture it collects should then drain down via the tube in the heater casing onto the ground. How the hell you're supposed to get to it to clean it or replace it under normal circumstances is of course another matter.

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Andy, yes the '94 unit differs but in major terms only where the body air inlet / blower adaptors are concerned. Not surprisingly Lotus kept the majority of casings and flap components consistent over the life of the Esprit with A/C. So it's easy-peasy to exchange the pieces between Giugiaro and Stevens units where the applicable body inlet / blower plenums are correct for the car.

Ian, agree with you both suspecting the foam to be some effort at vapor suppression. Agree as well that it's not a good idea in the first place, and good luck to any old sod who fancies servicing any of these bits on a runner without half tearing the car apart.

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Now working on making ready the air door flaps within the case. I have acquired some open-cell foam and applied to the metal flap surfaces using 3M aerosol fabric adhesive. The bond is very strong but I'm concerned that there may be a lingering solvent odour. Anyone care to share wisdom on contact adhesives?

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When I overhauled my hvac, I replaced the foam with new one.

You can find similar material at canadian tire with the humidifiers.

Didn't know the exact reason they have put the foam there but they know more about cooling than I do. 

Something I learned about cars or planes, it all works until it doesn't anymore...sometime there is no way around it!

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