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Is this air cooling hose in the correct position?

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Hello All,

I recently got my Evora (2010 NA) back after a clutch change and noticed this air cooling hose in the engine bay (see attached photo).  I've only had the car a short while so I'm not an expert but I don't remember the hose terminating in this position before?  

Just wanted to check the hose is terminating in the correct position or if I need to re-route it or should it be attached to something else?

It seems like it will just be blowing cold air over the top of the engine which doesn't seem correct to me?


thanks in advance ... 


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thanks for the help guys

Looking at the pic darcivic00si posted, I'm guessing that the exposed end of the hose near the fuel filler cap is connected to the air vent on the rear clam when present.  So the open end of the hose that I have currently pointing in the void above the engine should be pointing towards the bulkhead or connected to something towards the bulkhead?

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Is it item 3 on here? Looks like the end sticking into the engine bay on yours should be round the other way connected to the side intake piece.

Mine (an S so might be slightly different as where yours is open into the engine bay it'd be pointing right at the nose of the blower) seems to work like that although the hose looks shorter. The open end on mine goes froward in the engine bay and ends sort of in line with the rear of the engine all at the same horizontal level. It's zip tied near the end to hold it steady. 

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