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What are the odds on that.

Dan E

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So strange things that have happened to you where the odds are slim. 

I was just telling Fabian this story on PM, my main problems seems to be with helicopters, 

so a good few years ago I got a helicopter back from Goodwood with a few mates, pilot Pete Barnes who was a lovely guy then I guess 3 years later I was on Vauxhall Bridge about 5 mins after he crashed into the crane and sadly died. 

Then my wife booked the Grand Canyon tour for our Vegas trip and 4 hours later one crashed. I am flying on Sunday morning ?



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Is you tour leaving from the canyon rim or something like Las Vegas?. If local they will know the up to the minute wind conditions right there. The crashed copter came from a distance and might have felt pressure to soldier on than turn about when arriving at the canyon with gusty winds. I would say in any event all chopper businesses  should be on their toes for a while.

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You start thinking about all these things when a trip is coming up aye. I make it a nervous joke with my sister/fam any time I'm taking a flight. Usually something like 'I'll see you if I'm don't crash and burn in the side of a mountain.' In 2012 I hopped off an expedition boat in Los Roques [90 miles off the coast of Venezuela] and hopped on a twin engined Cessna to get to the international airport at Caracas. I could never find out if it was the same plane but the same flight was lost only days later. 

This one's for you Danny;


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Poor @Dan E.  What he needs right now is reassurance, not scary stories.

Anyhow, I've flown on a lot of scary aircraft in my time.  Amongst others I've had a fuel emergency, two near misses, some verrry interesting approaches, and I once had to repair the light plane I was flying in after an emergency landing in a field, so we could get home.  I've flown on 'eventful' 747 test flights over the North Sea with a nutcase Texan ex-fighter jock in cowboy boots and stetson at the controls.  But the only time I ever questioned my safety was over the Atlantic in a Concorde.  It wasn't much of a glider.

There, doesn't that make you feel better?

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British Fart to Florida, Nude to New York, Dunce to Denmark, Numpty to Newfoundland.  And Shitfaced Silly Sod to Sweden.

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