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Gear Shift, Linkage, somethings disconnected..

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Shifting my Esprit is sometimes a little problematic. I understand that this is known as part of the breed, However I got to thinking about getting a linkage kit and took a look underneath the shifter boot and yikes!  Look at all the metal shavings.. The bottom of the  lift tube seems to be disconnected somehow. It just floating there. I also don't have a spring underneath the shifter knob. If anyone has a picture of what its supposed to look like when its properly installed. I can see that I might be missing a couple bolts. 




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Apart from the spring, this is quite common.  Concentrate on pic 2, which shows correct orientation of the stick.  There's a pinch bolt (at bottom as viewed in pic) - remove this and then you can lift out the entire stick assembly.  It's normally guided there by 2 roll pins (I believe present but commonly broken) in the stick's flat base.  On the side of said base is a little nylon cylinder held in by a small screw.  This is part of reverse inhibition.  This normally bears (if at all) on the side of the baulk block (top as viewed in the pic) when selecting first/second.  For reverse selection, the shaft sleeve is lifted against a (missing?) spring, and the nylon cylinder rises over the baulk block and rests on top when moved towards reverse.

You need to clean up the baulk block - it's fine to reduce its side profile quite a bit as it's adjustable.  Replace the nylon bush (I make my own).  Possibly replace the roll pins?  And find a spring!

Hope this makes sense!

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More photos here as well

As Sparky said, clean up the reverse baulk block, replace the white round bushing. Replace any missing roll pins, replace the spring. 





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THANK YOU  Vulcan Gray for the photographs and the picture in the Service Manual, I am guessing I have that picture in my Service Manual but didn't look hard enough. It all makes much more sense. Especially the photographs make it all clear. One question: in the first picture you sent that very bottom plate with the threaded holes on that bottom plate... Mine looks the same, Nothing every went in those threaded holes?

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