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Kansas or Oklahoma Tech?

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Hi everyone, I am a long time member but have not been on here in years or posted. I own my second Esprit now (1990 SE) and it needs some good deep work done. Fuel tanks are leaking now, was running rich when I got it (still is) and I need a minimal tear down to the cam cover bases for a leaking gasket and leaking exhaust gasket by the turbo... only 58k, but it is in need of a possible engine removal and further diagnostics.. Anyone know of a good tech anywhere in Oklahoma or Kansas that would we able and willing to dive into such a project? I live in Wichita Kansas... Sorry to just jump in with a question. Chris

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Well, after checking around I booked a trip to Indianapolis to take the car to Gator Motorsport to have TJ look at the car. Have not found anything in the mid-west so after getting 7 hours away for the nearest dealerships, it made sense to just go the distance and send it to TJ.... My first call was to John Welch, but I did not hear back from him until today when he returned to town. He was booked out until September and he re-assured me I am in good hands with TJ... I am excited to get my Esprit back to life! I picked up a 1990 SE about 6 years ago and it has never ran right and after springing a fuel tank leak, its time to do a flush through on the car. It was bought at auction with a Salvage title so there is no history...  I am sure I will be back on the forum again as the project progresses. <Much to do to the car even after TJ brings it back to mechanical life.... Chris 

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