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Car thinks door is still open

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I now have the common door lock/sensor problem where the car thinks the drivers side door is open even after it has been closed.

What was the solution in the end?  

To replace the whole door lock or just a few components?

Anyone have the part numbers for the bits that need replacing.

In the mean time will removing fuse C12 and C14 be enough to prevent battery drain from the inability to lock the door?


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Can't answer the fuse part, but in general I don't think you can prevent it without significantly disabling the vehicle's electronics.

What you're after is here, but I don't know which MY vehicle you have.  The microswitch is integrated into the latch and having had mine out, I do not see any way you could replace it without destroying the latch.


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I think you need to hop in your car, close the door and sternly tell the car it is being silly and that the door is closed.

Finish off with 'You're not a bad car, but this is very bad behaviour!'

Let us know how you get on.

My help is free by the way. :) 

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My car has developed the same problem on the driver side. Plus the window in the same door started to move up and down randomly. I saw a couple of prior threads about a past recall and replacing the door latch mechanism. Since my car is way past warranty....

Did anyone do a DIY upgrade from the original S1 mechanism (with sill button) to the newer design without sill button?

Beside checking the fuses, is there any other things worth to check before going for the replacement? 

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Lotus Silverstone fixed this issue on my 2010 n/a by replacing the whol latch component, it cost about £270 incl VAT.

It certainly wasn't as much as the quote you have had.

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On 09/08/2018 at 08:51, Peegee355 said:

Re the random windows movements - new window regulator fixed it on mine.  Mechanic tried adjusting it first but just as bad

Is the window regulator part of the latch component or is it a separate part? My understanding was that it was all in one piece and the latch component cannot be taken apart (without destroying it)

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