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Steering play on the wheels

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Hi Guys. I hope somebody can give me some advice. I found I have play on the wheels coming from the steering rack of my 81 Turbo Esprit. The play is coming from the inner joints near to the centre. Can I get these repaired or replace the joints or do I need to replace the entire steering rack? Heard somewhere that the rack is the same as Triumph TR7? Not sure. Can get one of those. Appreciate any advice. Cheers Kevin

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Kevin, just google for a picture from a capri rack and a tr7 rack.     don't think it is a tr7 rack, I used inner ball joint parts from a capri to repair my '85 esprit rack (nylon cup's and springs)  

is it a  burman steering rack?  


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When I did the rack on my '90 Stevens I did some research and it seemed that certainly for my car it's based on a Capri rack but with some internal differences. What I don't know is whether the G and Stevens racks are the same...

I went down the refurb route with Lotusbits for mine. Good service and now it's like new, no play at all.

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Not worth starting anything now...🍺

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On 20-2-2018 at 19:57, Petrolheadsa said:

A friend with a Capri just told me the steering rack is the same as Escorts mk1

no it is not,  even on the capri there are different one's, apparently capri v6 rack's are beafier.   if you look at the pinion shaft lenght you see they are different in lenght.  (escort very short. capri very long, esprit somewhere in between)  AND the escort rack is smaller /shorter 

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I got the rack out but haven't had any luck yet with finding replacement tie rod which are worn. Do anybody know what other car this may have come from.






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Lotus Marques in Australia—I can’t recommend them highly enough—sell full S1-S3 steering rack rebuild kits for the Burman steering racks and, if I recall correctly, they may sell fully rebuilt racks as well. They also sell an apparently new Burman rack for the 88+ Esprit.

If you go to their website to find full write ups on these, you’ll have to find the “Product news” page in the drop-down menu and start scrolling down. 



1986 Esprit HCI (Bosch-injected)

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