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430 Cup Style Front Plate

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Taking inspiration from the new front end on the 430 Cup I’ve moved my front number plate.


Tidies up the front end no end, getting rid of the metal bracket. Just need some white screws to calm the OCD.

Having seen a 430 with a full size plate I don’t think airflow will be an issue with my (cough) compact one.

Just used some long number plate screws with a penny washer behind. Also happened to have a couple of perfect sized spacers to hold it in place in the mesh, but probably not needed.

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I don’t like it, because that’s where all other cars have number plates. 

I never understood how Lotus managed to legally place the number plate so low, as this isn’t legal in Europe (min. 20 cm from ground !)

So I prefer to have something no other cars legally have.

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I've done it on mine (no pics yet sorry) as I had a spare 3/4 plate and I liked the idea.

Now that I've done it I'm not so sure,  will need to see car out of the garage in clean space to be able to determine my favourite.  I like the cleaner spoiler and I think a black front plate is asking for trouble!

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How do you remove the Standard number plate holder?

i have a 380 Sport.

There are two rivets in the face of the holder which I have drilled out.

however, there are 4 underneath between the bottom of the clam and the splitter that I can’t easily get to. Don’t want to damage anything.

im looking to just remove the outer plate holder face and leave the original support piece in place - in order to run a lower profile front number plate.

in this DeRoure diagram I am basically looking to remove part number 1 and attach the plate to number 4.

any thoughts appreciated.

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5 hours ago, R300XXX said:

I tried to move mine up and ended up preferring just shortening the plinth and with a shorter plate, each to their own. Both ways look better than standard with a full length plate5649062D-9B7F-45AD-BB62-E95ED9B758C2.thumb.jpeg.59f673d57e3d0fa9d06fbcf39f1e5da0.jpeg


I like your thinking😉


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3 hours ago, GFWilliams said:

@Garv Mk - you’ve managed to mount your mirror stalks in the wrong two holes, it’s suppose to be in the bottom two.

Ah thanks for that... I’m not great with following instructions! ... not relishing taking door cards off again, may just live with it...! 

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