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Diff pinion seal replacement

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Hi all, in the process of refitting my Diff and I've noticed a (new?) leak from the front pinion oil seal.

Thought I might as well replace this whilst the unit is (still!) off the car. Has anyone done this and got any advice/tips.

The manual mentions a tool to refit the seal (which I obviously don't have) but I assume it is possible without?



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After making myself a tool from some 10mm x 50mm x 500mm bar which fits on to the front flange to hold it rigid, I managed to crack the main nut off (took considerable force!) and remove it and the flange. (Photos courtesy of SJ's - think I've earned the right to borrow them :P)

It looks like the seal is like this:


and not like this:


There is very little room to get anything in behind the seal to pull it out (pullers won't fit) as the input shaft is still in place (and I don't want to move it!).

Has anyone done this and remembers what they did? I don't want to bugger anything else up along the way.........

Cheers all


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It's out!


Based on the image from SJ's (which shows the front face), I'd imagined something much more solid - this gave way to a little gentle persuasion!


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I had this problem and replaced the seal only to have it leak again, this was because the bearing in the front of the diff was worn and allowed the shaft to wobble about. Only solved by taking diff outof car for major surgery, I bought a replacement instead.


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