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Wanted Evora N/A

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Hi all

Well after stalking for quite a while i'm finally ready to go looking for an Evora. I've never driven one before so I would like to try a couple before I buy, although I realise there's a chance I might end up buying the first one I drive!!

I have contacted a few dealers to see whats around and I might make a trip out on Saturday if the snows not too bad.

I have a £30k budget and obviously want to get the best possible car (don't we all). I'm after an NA, don't mind whether its +2 or not, I like most of the colors, although not so keen on white, would prefer Oyster or red interior and 50k miles tops if possible. I plan to buy on condition so there will no doubt be some flexibility there if needed. Hopefuly I am not being too unrealistic in my expectations...

Any pointers on what I need to look for?




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Your budget should get you just what you want. Certainly all 3 packs if you want them and I would expect less miles than you mention. The world is your oyster or paprika. Good luck. I'm a local Evora owner to you but no longer N/A.

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Wow! I'm basically in the same position as you now, looking for a Sports Racer NA (2+2), though I'll consider an S at the right price(!).  Ultimately not too fussed on colour though my favourites is Solar Yellow.

How has your search gone?  I'd appreciate any hints or tips you may have for things to look out for, things to check etc.

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