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4 Yearly Service Coolant Change

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My car is 4 years old this year and I see in the service book it recommends a coolant change.

Are there any recommended coolant fluids people have used when their cars have turned 4 years old. I have never had a car that's needed a coolant change before. Is it even necessary?


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My Exige s2 requires Texaco Havoline XLC that is an OAT antifreeze 

Over the years the freezing point hardly changes but the OAT organic acid technology inhibitors degrade and eventually the cooling passages start to sludge/scale up then the trouble starts so yes I would definitely change it if your going to keep the car and never mix the different types of glycol if you can at all help it and always fill with distilled water if you can as there's a lot less chance of dissolved solids settling out in the engine cooling chanals ie if you live in a hard water area 

In the refrigeration industry we use both Ethelyene glycol Poisonous but cheep ie what's in nearly all cars or Propylene glycol food safe but five times the price and I've seen the damage to cooling systems when glycol have been mixed and not changed for long periods of time and its run in to many thousands if pounds.

I had an Astra estate at work years ago that had a small leak in the radiator and we were flat out working so all through the summer I just topped it up with tap water and then in October it went to Vauxhall and had a new rad fitted and within the next year nearly every hose leaked and delaminated due to having been run on water and the thermostat failed and inside the housing it was badly corroded 

So yes I would definitely change the antifreeze 

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