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Jacking Kit Components and Storage

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If the kit below is right, scissor jack and bendy bar with wheel brace/wrench then I only have the scissor jack in my leather pouch kit.

I would no doubt like original parts, but I have all I need with an extendable brace etc.

My question however is, are all the items shown designed to fit into the pouch provided - it's a tight squeeze just getting the scissor jack in, or where should they be placed? I guess it's at the front as I have a couple of unused clips that perhaps hold the twisting rod?

Any pic of items in situation appreciated.


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Haven’t had this kit in mine for years, but I think the twisting rod goes in the clips you mention, but the jack and wheel brace go in the bag and inside the spare wheel using some sort of hook and rubber arrangement.

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Noted, and that makes sense.

I'm unlikely to find a genuine twisting rod from an Esprit, but notice that my daughter's Ford Focus has one - do you think she will miss it?

Else, I will grab something similar from the breakers and make it fit, or, do what you suggest and not carry all that weight about and use the AA or call for help in the unlikely event of a puncture away from home.

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